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Greenstone Growers (GSG) focuses on helping small farms and small residence farms properly prepare, protect and plant olive trees in El Dorado County.  Olive oil is quickly joining wine as one California's world-class agricultural offerings.   Production is projected to rise another 30 percent this year.  But, that is still a “drop in the bucket” compared to the potential. 

GSG has specialty expertise in olive trees, tree selection, tree management, tree and root protection, and orchard set-up and maintenance.  There are over 900 varietals of olive trees. Some are more cold and heat tolerant than others. Do you know which ones they are?  Before you spend thousands of dollars planting olive trees yourself, or hire a local landscaper that says "I can plant them for you", let us help you choose the right olive tree varietal(s), irrigation systems and soil amendments for your area.   GSG has already helped small farms, just like yours, prepare, protect, and plant olive trees for less.  Let us help you!

BTW - Did you know that "Greenstone" is one of the nicknames for olives (i.e. little green stones) before they are pitted and cured? That's the fun part in Greenstone Growers' name!

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Note: Greenstone Growers is not affiliated with Greenstone Country, Greenstone Country HOA nor Greenstone Estates. 


Green Energy Consulting Services and Solutions!

IntelliGreen is a leading supplier of "green energy"consulting services and solutions for residential and commercial properties. Our experience includes solar, wind, water and agriculture.  IntelliGreen can help you save thousands of dollars on your green energy project.  Do it right the first time! IntelliGreen has been offering green energy-related consulting services and solutions to our clients since Y2008.  

To receive a quote on your solar, wind, water and agricultural-related consulting services and solutions please send an email to with a brief description of your "green energy" project and your timing requirements.  One of our representatives will get back to you within 24 hours during normal business hours (M-F, 9am-5pm PST, USA).  

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